Senior destination photo shoot on mountain at the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada

Many of you know that I recently announced that I was excited to entertain the idea of being a senior destination photographer. Angie Seaman Photography is now offering Senior destination shoots across the country and abroad. As a senior destination photographer, I’ll be traveling to different cities and states to capture epic one of a kind senior portraits for you. In order to promote that offering, myself, my hair and make-up artist, Janea Soliven of JA Make-Up Artistry, my oldest son, and his girlfriend all flew out to Las Vegas to shoot the promo images and the behind the scenes videos for the senior destination options. Sophia, my sons girlfriend of a year and a half, was our model for the shoots. They’ll both be seniors next year so this was a perfect time to capture her.

High school senior photographed on the edge of a mountain in Valley of Fire State Park Nevada

We began the first day of shooting up in the the desert mountain side within the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. I’ve been to Vegas several times and shot in the desert each time we’re there. However, I had never been to the Valley of Fire before so this was real treat for me. To say that this place is beautiful would be a massive understatement. I couldn’t get over the continual beauty as I looked around me.

High school senior photographed in the Vallery of Fire state park in Nevada

The red rock formations in the Valley of Fire are so incredibly ornate and every square inch leaves a new location to discover. I could’ve spent days in there. Literally days – and never gotten bored. The head piece that you see in these images was made especially for this shoot to match the parachute dress I had her wear.

High school senior wearing a purple flower head-piece for her shoot in the Vallery of Fire state park in Nevada

We used the parachute for part of the shoot and then we removed it for the rest. Either way, she was stunning!

High school senior wearing a flower head-piece during her shoot at the Valley of Fire State park in Nevada

And boy did we have some endless laughs during this trip. The fun just never stopped!

high school senior photographed in the road at the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada

We had special access to the park on this particular day so the areas where we shot were closed off to everyone except us. We felt pretty special to say the least. 🙂

High school senior with a purple head-piece at the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada

I loved the Valley of Fire so much that we’ll be definitely going back there this coming Spring when I go back to Las Vegas for our annual WPPI industry conference. If you or someone you know is interested in having their senior photography session shot in Las Vegas, you know where to find me. We’re taking a limited number of seniors back with us for the next trip.

High school senior photographed inside the valley of fire state park in nevada

Our Las Vegas shoot consisted of three different locations so I’ll be breaking these blog write ups into 3-5 different posts over the next week or two. There are just too many amazing images to share all in one post. I wanted to start with the Valley of Fire images because that was our day one.

High School senior shoot inside the Valley of Fire in Nevada

I can’t wait to share the other shoot locations with all of you and the images from those spots. We had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to share these same experiences with other seniors that are interested in the destination sessions as well.

High school senior photographed in a purple dress inside the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada


And a HUGE thank you again to Janea for coming along with us on this crazy journey to do the hair and make-up for our senior sessions. Her work is incredible and I think these images prove that.

Make up artist applying make-up to a high school seniors face

We love you Janea! Thank you for joining me on the first of many to come senior destination photography trips.

XOXO, Angie