In April, Courtney and her family were visiting Marco Island from Illinois, and she contacted me to take extended family portraits while they were here. Courtney brought her husband Matt and her two adorable twin three-year-old boys, Chance and Maddox. Courtney’s sister Lindsey and her husband Chris came along with their children Audra, age 3 and baby Brooks. Courtney and Lindsay’s parents, Cathy and Marv, rounded out the family.

Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-1 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-13Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-14 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-4

My favorite moment was watching little Brooks enjoy the sand – or rather eat the sand!

Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-5 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-6

Also, I loved watching Courtney’s brother-in-law Chris race the all the kids down the beach. Watching the smiles, hearing the laughs, and seeing them run the beach until their legs were ready to give out. To be a kid again…

Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-8 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-9 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-10 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-11 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-12

I had my heart swell watching their Grandpa, Marv, interact with the kids. He was such a great hands on Grandpa and reminded me a lot of my own Father and how he is with my children.

Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-2 Marco-Island-Family-Photographer-Angie-Seaman-Photography-3


Thank you, Courtney, for trusting me with these moments! I hope to see you all again soon!